Infant Environment - We have two beautiful spacious classrooms

Infant I allows children 6 weeks to 9 months plenty of room to explore with tummy time, crawling, and exploring various toys to stimulate their social, emotional, language, and sensory development.

Infant II allows children 9 months to 14 months the opportunity to explore and make meaningful connections with their loving caregivers. They have a variety of center based activities which also allows them to choose the activity they would like to engage in.

Toddler Community

Our three toddler learning environments allow toddlers 15 months to 3 years of age to learn and develop new skills daily. Language and self help skills are the perfect opportunity to spark their natural curiosity for learning.

Preschool Classes

We have two preschool classrooms made to give every child the opportunity to learn critical skills such as self confidence, self control, social skills, and effective communication. Both classes place a high emphasis on beginner reading and writing skills which they practice in centers throughout the classrooms.

School Age Program

In our school-aged program we offer before and after-school, track out, and a fully operative summer camp. The children have a huge spacious gym that they utilize for their classroom. Here they participate in a variety of theme related activities and also are provided the opportunity to venture out on fieldtrips.

For our school-agers that do need transportation either to or from school, we pick up and drop off at the following schools: Barwell and Hodge Road Elementary and PreEminent Charter School. There are school buses that come to our location and a member of our staff escorts the children from the bus safely into our gym. These schools include, but are not limited to: Timber Drive, East Garner, Bugg, Poe, Avesboro, and Torch Light Academy.

If your child attends a school not listed above and you would like for to have a bus sent to our location you will need to contact Wake County Public School Transportation to see if our facility is indeed on their transportation route.

I absolutely love the Appletree Day Care Centers. My daughters are 3 and 5 and both have been going there since 6 weeks. They absolutely love the teachers and I absolutely love feeling confident when I drop them off each day. Excellent programs, superior staff! - Chrissy Freeman, Mother of 2